Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Nothing Much To Report

I've spent the first few days of the vacation doing chores and taking care of little things. I renewed my driver's license, picked up some more supplies for the landscaping work, posted my grades, got a haircut, etc. While at the barbershop I came across a small item in a year old magazine about McPherson college building an aluminum body for an old Indy car. I've heard of McPherson and their automotive restoration program before but looked up the school anyway. While shopping around on their website I came across summer offerings not only in automotive work but also classes of interest to teachers that are offered in the Milwaukee area. I'm not interested in the teaching classes but if any of you are in need of credits for license renewal or degree completion, you might want to keep them in mind. Myself, I'm interested in maybe taking one of the summer workshop courses dealing with auto restoration. They've got a sheet metal fabrication course that could be right up my alley. I'll try to keep it in mind for next summer even though I've already got a few things in mind.

I stopped in the county courthouse while I was out running around. There was a new security guard on duty that is a former student of mine. It now seems that everyone working security there is a former student of mine. Seems like the odds of that happening are pretty slim but there it is.

Planning on going on another airplane ride soon. I did the B-17 last summer, B-24 coming up. Should be exciting.

More landscaping on the agenda, weather permitting. I also need to get some painting done outside. While I'm pretty happy with the progress on the work around the shack, I need to get back on the car and bike projects soon. It'd be nice to finish at least one of them this year.

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