Friday, August 25, 2017

Day at a Time

Photo 1: Like everyone else, I watched the eclipse the other day. I wasn't in the path of total darkness, but it was pretty cool. Not as cool as the local television stations had it hyped, but not something you see every day, certainly. The top photo was shot with my little cheap digital with a #12 filter plate in front of the lens. Doesn't look like the moon was even in the photo but about 3/4 of the sun was obscured when the photo was taken. There's supposed to be another one visible from Fort Wayne in 2024. If I'm still ambulatory, might try to take that one in. I've got seven years to research how to take a decent photo. 

Photo 2: New bicycle seat for the city bike. Typical Chinese quality and a little misrepresentation on the cover being made of leather. That's not any type of leather that I'm familiar with but I didn't really expect much for $15.00 including shipping. You get what you pay for. However, the damn thing is really quite comfortable and since I rarely ride the bike, it will probably last a while. I've got a piece of heavy leather around here I can make a cover out of if I ever get to the point it needs replacing or it bugs me enough to pursue it. I've done a bit of leather working and enjoy it, so it might be a fun winter time project.

Photo 3: Live trap. I bought a trap to take on the raccoons. Caught one in the top of the shop already. Appeared to be a young one. I gave him the choice of telling me how he got in or "taking a ride" but he wouldn't talk. So he's gone but I'm still wondering how they're getting in. I've got it set again with some past sell-by date tuna for bait. The smell is strong enough that I'm probably attracting them now. I'll see what happens in the next few days and maybe put it out in the big barn and see what I can catch. Long as it's not a skunk, it'll all be good. The raccoons don't really have any natural enemies around. I don't think the coyotes present them with much of a challenge and nothing else is big enough to keep the population in check. That leaves me, I suppose. When I was at the high school there were a couple of guys who trapped them. I don't know if anyone buys fur around here anymore or not. Not that I want to take up trapping and skinning as a hobby. I always thought the mountain man lifestyle had a certain amount of appeal but I can't see me pursuing that unless it's a result of the Zombie apocalypse or the grid going down. There'll be a lot of lifestyle changes if that happens. 

Photo 4: New ceiling fan with lights for the bedroom. It's a Hunter brand and I was impressed with how easy the installation went as well as how nice and quite it works. It took me about 1-1/2 hours taking the other one down and putting this one up at a nice gentle pace. The only tools needed were a couple of screwdrivers and a pair of pliers. I don't think there was a single swear word during the whole operation, either. Works good, Momma's happy and another one off the list.

Made it through the first week of school - painless enough. Several of the students don't have gear yet but I got them all started. With only 16 sessions, there can't be any fooling around if they're going to learn to weld. Have to get them out in the shop running beads right from the jump. Got a bike ride coming up and a couple of open wheel races scheduled with Cuzzin Ricky in the near future. Hope the weather holds. We had a couple of rain-outs early in the season - like to finish out on a high note.

Enjoy the weekend. It won't be long and summer will be over.

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