Friday, August 18, 2017

Bicycle News

Since I'm waiting on my new tires for my touring bike, I drug the old "city bike" out, washed it off and aired up the tires so I can get some miles in before the ride I'm planning in a couple of weeks. I've got my "racer" I could ride but I wanted to get this one out and ride it a bit anyway.

Surly and I bought a box of tubing with enough pieces to make two bikes quite a few years back. This is what I ended up with my half of the parts. A bike with dimensions that fit me well, 7 speed shifter on the bars and 700 x 37 tires good for both paved and gravel roads. I used this as my commuter for a couple of years before retiring from the high school. The rack on the back is stainless hydraulic tubing from cut-offs Surly got for me from where he used to work. Everything is silver brazed together. The handlebar is from a cheap department store bike that is turned upside down in the photo but is now right side up as it should be. If I was going to ride this thing more often I'd invest in a nice aluminum mustache bar. It's got cork handgrips, which are pretty nice. Unfortunately, one of them has come loose so I need to get some contact cement and fix that. Also, the seat's pretty hard. It too is a cheapie but I ordered a similar style one off of eBay that's leather and sprung. Don't know how good it will be for $15.00 but at that price I'm willing to gamble.

I'd like to build myself a new mountain bike. The one I've got is one of the first they came out with way back when. It's a Peugeot my brother gave me after he got out of the Army. He's a bit shorter than I am, so the bike's a bit small for me. Hasn't stopped me from riding it the last 25 years or so but I'd like one that fits me, is a bit lighter and has a sprung fork. And I'd like to build another bike just because I really enjoyed building the one above. Maybe consider it if I get a couple of motorbike and car projects finished up. Of course by the time I get caught up on those I'll probably be too old to ride a bike.

As for the rest of you - get out on your bike/walk/run - get yourself some exercise. Best thing you can do for yourself.

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Don Baker said...

Nice bike build, Bob! I like the lugs and the white head tube. Also like the cantilever bosses and single chainring up front. I have a similar 7-speed drivetrain on one bike and also a 9-speed setup on another.

I have a set of aluminum upright bars lying around that you are welcome to have.