Monday, August 21, 2017


Surly came down yesterday to swap out some bicycle parts and to get a welding lens for watching the eclipse. When we went out to the shop for the lens we heard a critter noise. I went up the ladder to the "attic" and sure enough a raccoon has been in there again. I don't know how he's getting in there, I thought for sure I had things sealed up tight now. I'm going to get a live trap and start running a trap line in both my shop and the big barn on a regular basis from now on. Maybe catch a big one this winter so I can make me a 'coon skin cap. Be just the thing when I'm out plowing snow.

And for a bit more excitement, there was a bat circling the bedroom about 4:45 Sunday morning. The dog was barking Saturday afternoon at the laundry room. For some reason he rarely goes into the kitchen or the laundry room so it was odd that he was barking in that direction. Neither the wife nor I could figure out what he was barking about, but it might have been the bat. We've had bats in the house several times in the past, and like the raccoons in the shop, I've got no idea how they get in. The wife says it's because I hold the door open too long at night when I let the dog in or out but there's no way one could fly by me without knowing it. In fact I'm sure I'd scream like a little girl if it happened. Their wings make some noise. At least I got lucky this time and got it taken care of fairly quickly. It's kind of spooky when one wakes you up by flying around your bed in the pitch black, however.

Plenty hot and humid yesterday so I didn't do much. I cleaned up some more of the yard waste from the volunteer trees and bamboo I cut down recently then I went into the shop and finally got around to drilling the brackets for the deck on the new barn. I drilled them on the mill so I could slow the speed down since the brackets are stainless. Took me a bit but those are done. I'll get some carriage bolts this week and get those installed. I've about decided on the railing design for the deck. Just a bit more think time and I'll get my material so I can finish that job up.

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First day of the semester and a solar eclipse. As good a way as any to kick off the last go-round.
Hope the sky is clear enough to see it. The timing is right for my schedule to get outside and check it out. If you're lucky enough to see it, just remember to protect your eyes. Flash burns aren't fun.

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