Monday, December 8, 2014

Catch Up Time

Just a quick update on a little of what I've been doing while the computer was down:

Taking them from the top, jobs finished include the water trap installed on the blast cabinet, hillbilly storm window made and installed, and (sticking with the theme) the hillbilly cover for the regulator on the propane tank feeding the shop heater. The last photo is of the dies for a press brake that is next in line for my shop equipment. 

Obviously the window and the bucket were expedient solutions. When I went to the lumber yard to pick up the screen molding to keep the plastic film in place on the window, I told the guy what I was doing and he said the window might be under warranty. If so, Anderson will replace the sash or the complete window. He gave me an 800 number to call, so I'll do that as soon as school is out. In the meantime, the window is protected and I won't have the bottom falling out and the wind blowing in.

The regulator on the heater says it should be covered if used outside and with the big tank I've got, I definitely want it outside. The tank is strapped securely so it can't fall over and the plastic bucket covers the regulator and the tank valve. Not the sexiest solution but I've got heat. I also installed a shut-off valve on the back of the heater so I can turn off the gas without having to go outside to the tank. I had it running a bit yesterday and it warms the shop up quick. I should swap out the cheapie fluorescent light fixtures with something a little better so I can have good light while I'm waiting for the shop to warm up. They're not a ton of money and there's only four of them. I'm putting in some effort to get things nice but winter takes up a good one third of the year. Might as well be comfortable. 

I've got the press brake thing figured out - just a matter of making some parts and welding them together. I'll start making parts for that this week. I don't need it right now but I'd like to have it done when I do.

If you look at the bottom photo with the press brake dies in it, you can see the rear wheel for the Harley. I was going to put that back together but I've been hemming and hawing about buying a new rim. Mine's pretty rusty. A new deep center steel rim is going to run about $200.00 without spokes. If I'm going to re-lace the wheel, I'd prefer having an aluminum one like a Borrani or an Akront. They're substantially more money and if I went with aluminum on the rear, I'd have to change the front also. With stainless spokes, probably a grand for the pair, at least. For something I've never even heard run, I think I'll wait on that and put it back together as is. Maybe this week or next weekend.

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