Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas List

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This might be asking a lot from Old Santa, another trip to Paris and an E-Type Jaguar.

This is a little more reasonable, Lewis Leathers Universal Racer jacket like Steve McQueen wore. Price listed on the website close to $1000.00 US dollars. It'd be just the thing for riding around on the BSA on those beautiful Fall days. I could pick one up next time I'm in London if Santa doesn't come through for me.

And while I'm there, pick up a Belstaff waxed cotton jacket for the rainy Spring mornings - either on the bike or while walking around Paris. Good enough for Sammy Miller, good enough for me.

And to complete the motorbiking ensemble, a pair of Gasolina boots. Gasolina also sells leather jackets. Both the boots and the jacket prices are pretty reasonable, actually. With shipping, about $300.00 for the boots, $500.00 for the jacket.

Last but not least, a Gerstner machinist box. I've wanted one of these ever since I started collecting machinist's tools. This one is about $1,400.00. Gerstner now has their International line with cheaper prices but I'd have to hold out for an American made one. They do have a kit for their Journeyman box if you want to build your own. That'd be you, not me. I've got enough sh*t to do.

If I low-ball the prices, trip to Paris $4,000, Jaguar $30,000, jacket $500, boots $300, machinist chest $1,400. Hell, that's less than $40,000. Not like I'm asking for much. Throw out the Jag and the list starts looking reasonable - not necessarily for my circle of friends and family - but for the high rollers out there, chump change. 

The truth of the matter is that all I really want this year is a couple of tools, a couple of books, continued good health for me and mine, "and on earth peace, and good will toward men". And if I could get the latter, I'd gladly give up the former. I don't need to see any more riots and young men and women getting killed, whether at war or in the streets. This Christmas season how about we think about others? While you're out shopping, drop a couple of bucks into the bell ringer's bucket or maybe help out the Toys for Tots if you can afford it. Maybe a donation to the local food pantry or soup kitchen. Kindness is contagious.

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