Sunday, December 21, 2014

Prettiest Harley Ever Made?

Harley-Davidson RR350
Photo From Here

That's one fine looking motorcycle. Nice write-up at the link under the photo. Molenaar's HD in Hammond used to have a 250 RR in their place. I used to drool over it every time I went in there. I was fortunate to add Walter Villa's autograph to my American Racer book. According to the Wiki article, he passed away in 2002, which wouldn't have been too long after I met him at Daytona. He won both the 250 and 350 World Championship on the Harley road racers in 1976.

There used to be an auction house I drove by on my way to work that had a Harley 250 DT two-stroke flat tracker that they must have picked up at an estate sale or something. It had a nickel plated frame, maybe a C&J or a Trackmaster? Spool on the front wheel, disc brake on the back, both brake and shift lever on the right side so you could work them both when you were sliding. Way cool. The price was good but what the hell was I going to do with a flat tracker? I was already drag racing a bike. I sure didn't need to try my hand at flat tracking but I have kind of regretted it from time to time. I'm sure it would have been fun. Or more probably painful. In retrospect, I should have bought it and just sat on it - probably would have gotten a pretty good buck for it when the vintage racing craze hit. "Too soon old, too late wise."

I handed in my time sheet the other day for my lab tech job and I was informed that was going to be it - they hired someone full time to take over. Looks like I'm going to have a little more time on my hands to work on the projects. Speaking of which, Surly has made a little progress on the sidecover design for the BSA. I need to grade a few exams and get the grades posted but other than that and the holidays, I don't have much else in the pipeline except what I want to do. Like hammer out sidecovers and wire up a Sportster. That feels pretty good.

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