Monday, December 15, 2014

National Bill of Rights Day

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National Bill of Rights Day today. In light of what's happening in this country, we all should take a good, hard look at these amendments and be a little more demanding of our politicians to prevent any further erosion of them and the rest of the constitution. In November's election, here in Indiana we had the distinction of the lowest voter turnout in the nation - 28% There's something to be proud of. However, in spite of the lack of interest, we Hoosiers have the third lowest debt per resident at $5,726 according to the 12/10 Wall Street Journal. The same Op-Ed goes on to say the federal debt is $17 trillion and increasing by $4 billion a day, making each citizen's share $58,604. The unfunded liabilities, however, are around $115 trillion. That's $1.1 million per taxpayer. I hope they're not waiting on me to send in a check for my share. 

Our freedoms are eroding and the debt keeps rising. Apparently the politicians believe in unicorns and fairy dust because they obviously don't believe in the laws of economics. Or the Constitution.  It's not going to be pretty when it's time to pay the piper. 

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