Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Felice Anno Nuovo

Short look back at 2014:

No big trips this past year. In fact, I don't think I got farther than 200 miles from home all year. Not so bad, really - got a bunch accomplished around the shack. House is painted, fireplace repaired and lots of little piddly things accomplished. Still have a few big jobs to tackle but it's not like I'm behind the eight ball like I was before retiring.

Got the Sportster this year and it's just about ready to ride. That's probably the highlight of the year. While working on the bike I managed to improve the working conditions also. New lights, radio, decent heat, tool organization, sandblasting cabinet on line. Again, I've got a few more things around the shop to take care of before I'll have it right where I want it, but I'm definitely closing in on it.

Didn't come close to getting my 50 books read this year. Only made 36 but with everything else I accomplished, I don't feel too bad about that.

Health wise I'm still in good shape. Other than the recent bout with the flu, I'm fine as frog's hair. The Missus has been having some issues of late, however. I've been spending some time taking her back and forth to the doctor/hospital as well as picking up some of the slack around the shack. Hopefully, this will get sorted out soon and she'll be back up to snuff.

Looking ahead, hoping for more of the same for 2015. Keep working on the bikes/cars/boat/tools/equipment/etc. Get a regular exercise routine going again. Maybe lose a few pounds. Get the Missus healed up. Keep the stress level in check and remember this:

Wishing you a happy & healthy 2015


Traveling Pirate said...

Great quote/picture.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

For those of us that are "Type A", not always the easiest thing to remember but I've been doing pretty well with it. I was very fortunate that I could just walk away from most of the aggravation a couple of years ago - been "flying" ever since.

Best wishes for 2015.