Friday, December 19, 2014

Tin Cans

Tin cans don't hold the same place of value they did when I was a kid. Between tin cans and baby food jars, there probably wasn't a basement, garage or workshop anywhere that didn't have a few being used for storage of screws, nuts and bolts, and let's not forget the can required to bail out the wooden row boat. I've even got a book laying around here somewhere of things you can make from tin cans. Now days many of the cans, even coffee and paint, are made from plastic or spiral wound cardboard. Now with the K - Cups, my coffee can supply has dwindled down to nothing. Which brings us to the above photo. 

I needed a scoop for the cat food in the barn. I've made several over the years from coffee cans but all I really needed this time was a can. No handle, no tools involved. Just rinse out the bean can and done. However, if you look at the black olive can in the photo you can see that the lid is on it but the can has been opened. The Missus bought a Kuhn Rikon can opener a couple of years back and that thing is the berries - takes the lid off with out any burrs and you can stick the lid back on the can and it looks like it was never even opened. I rinsed out the one above and I'm planning on saving up a few more of them and then making a rack to keep them in. I've got a bunch of rivets that need to be sorted and the small cans should be just the right size for them. As tight as the lids fit, you could also rinse out a larger can and stash your roll of "C notes" in there along side the rest of the cans on the pantry shelf - be better than a safe unless the thief was hungry for spinach or whatever when he was robbing the joint.

Looking for a last minute Christmas gift? Here you go. Works slicker than snot on a doorknob and only twenty bucks.


Surly said...

I have a steel coffee can hookup if you would like a few.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I could use a couple. Might help with organizing things.