Thursday, December 4, 2014

Makin' The Plan

Shot of the stock BSA sidecover and air cleaner cover. This bike looks good in yellow - not so sure how it would look with the gray frame, however.  I got an e-mail from Surly and he's been working on a big home-owner project but he's about to put it on hold for a bit to get things ready for Christmas. Said he'd have some time to think about the Beezer a bit more, though. Likewise, I've got plenty of irons in the fire but I definitely want to get this show on the road - literately.

Looks like I'll only be teaching one class for the first eight weeks of the spring semester. As far as I know I'll still be working the lab tech gig as well. That'll be good. I'll be working two days per week but they'll be shorter days than I'm working now. The second eight I'll be working like I am this semester. Long days but only two. That's the main reason I've been thinking about the BSA - now that I know my schedule I'm making plans. Not that I normally stick to them but it's good to at least start with a plan, I suppose. If I do, I could conceivably have the Sportster, the BSA and the 900 all three done next year. I'll admit it's a stretch but stranger things have happened.

I need to go out to the new barn and stare at the VW one of these days as well. Since I don't have a decent sheet metal brake but the college does, I need to finalize my design for the dash and get that bent up before I leave there. I'm working on a set of bending dies for my hydraulic press that should be able to bend 1/4" x 8". That'll be good, but I'm still going to be coming up short on bending sheet metal. Definitely going to have to work on a solution for that problem if I'm going to continue to work on automobile projects or build myself another sidecar. Maybe like the Cubs - wait until next year. Probably with the same amount of success. I shouldn't say that. I figure I at least finished better than .500 this year and I'm fairly optimistic for next year. Time will tell, however.

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