Monday, December 22, 2014

Got the Ague

I woke up Friday morning hacking and coughing a bit and even though I got my flu shot earlier in the season, I figured I was coming down with something more than just a common cold. After checking the medicine cabinet I headed out to lay in some Thera-Flu and some other provisions. Sure glad I did. By Saturday I was sicker than a dog. Coughing, fever, chills, headache, pain in my joints, even my skin hurt.  Didn't feel like eating, so I just kept pushing the fluids. Other than I feel like I've been beat with a ball bat from head to toe, I feel fine this morning. Cough is gone, lungs are clear and the appetite is returning. I don't know what this is but it's something else. I've never been this sick that it came on so fast and then cleared up just as fast. Might be the flu shot did help out.

The Missus came down with the same thing, naturally enough, about 24 hours behind me. She's feeling much better this morning but still achy and coughing some.

My health has been pretty much perfect ever since I retired from the high school. The reduction in stress probably has had much to do with it and the fact that I'm no longer surrounded by hundreds of teenage "Typhoid Marys" all day long. It's a good sign when all the medicines in the cabinet are past their expiration date because you haven't needed them. But let me warn you. This stuff is serious. If you think you're coming down with it make sure you have something to relieve your symptoms and help suppress your cough on hand. You're not going to want to go out later. Get your affairs in order so you can hole up for a couple of days under the covers or in the recliner.

Hopefully you'll all stay well.


Traveling Pirate said...

I've had one day of a bad cold in 2 and a half years. Here's to no longer spending time with the high school Typhoid Marys!

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Amen to that, Sister!

I'm feeling much better this morning. Still a little weak in the knees but other wise doing fine.