Monday, December 1, 2014

Computer Blues

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The fan in the computer quit the other day, so rather than burn it up, I decided to follow the directions on the screen, hit F2 and log off. It should be fixed by the middle of the week or so and things will be back to normal (I'm writing this while busily engaged at my lab tech position).

Meanwhile back at the ranch:

Did the 5K on Thanksgiving Day - my time was lousy but the Tee shirts were nice.

Made a cheapo storm window to cover up a vinyl clad window sash that somehow managed to rot out. The plastic should keep things protected until spring when I can replace the sash or the entire window.

Was going to bolt the brake drum back on the Harley and put the back wheel together but Menards only had six locknuts and I needed eight. I'll pick up a couple more and get that back together.

I picked up an inline air dryer for the sandblasting cabinet. That should take care of the water issue I was having.

I had a talk with Surly about the BSA. He's pretty much in favor of keeping things stock. One of the reasons my brother was going to change things around was the fact that the stock gas tank had developed a leak. Keeping things stock would make the job go both cheaper and faster. As long as I can fix the tank, the rest of the job would be just some straight forward mechanical things and then some new paint on the tank and sidecovers. If you look at the photo above you can see one of the stock paint jobs that were available back then. It also came in a red & white tank, a green & white tank, as well as the solid color light blue metallic that ours currently is. Additionally, some had black frames, others light dove gray - or whatever you want to call it. Ours is the gray, which I've  taken a fancy to for some strange reason. From our conversation the other day, I think Surly would vote for the green and white tank on the gray frame. I could live with that. Looks like the next step is to see about repairing the tank.

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