Monday, December 29, 2014

Rumble Series

Cuzzin Rickie and I went to the Rumble Series in Fort Wayne over the weekend. While the racing was good, it wasn't the best way to spend an evening for one guy who was just getting over the flu and for the other guy who was coming down with it. The fumes got to be too much for Rick so he bailed out during the midget feature and waited in the truck. The fumes didn't do me much good either - should probably just strike that event off our list.

One a side note, one of the movers and shakers with the high mileage contest, Mr. Greg Steele, had a car entered in the event. It finished eighth in the main. Mr. Steele puts a lot of time in on the high mileage contest with no financial reward. He and Mr. Thompson do a lot of good with that contest. I'm glad to see my old school is going to be involved again - might have to make a trip to Indy in April and check it out.

In news around the home front, I got my conduit installed for the light in the new barn the other day - need to pull the wires and that job will be done. Supposed to get cold in a couple of days, I'd like to get a couple of more little jobs done before then. We'll see.

Have a good week.  

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