Monday, September 11, 2017

Boxing, Welding & Scrapping

Photo By Surly
Nice weekend - beautiful weather - not at all like those poor souls dealing with the current hurricane, the aftermath of the last one, or the next one in line.

The outdoor meet with the boxing crew went well Saturday morning. We had a great turnout and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves in spite of having to run a 1-1/2, do a 300 meter sprint, as many push-ups as possible and as many sit-ups as possible in one minute. We finished up with about 30 minutes of Jimmy and I holding mitts for everyone. We're going to try and do some more outdoor things before it gets too cold. There's a 5K in town right after Thanksgiving. We'll have to see how many of the guys we can get to sign up for that one. I'm looking into a fitness trail at one of the local parks for October.

Couple of jobs that were in the project box in the last post. Top photo is a Ducati 250 head that someone goobered up with a screwdriver when removing the cam cover. If you look close you can see a bit of weld in the center of the mating surface and another spot on the left where the rocker shaft goes in. Nothing to the welding. I'll let him file the welds down.

The bottom photo has some tee pieces I screwed together for one of the instructors in the lab. He had a box of the plastic parts and he wanted to join them together so he could have one of the little robots pick them up. It was going to be a lot easier to do the job at home than in the lab at school, so I brought them home.

In the bottom photo is a TIG torch for the welding lab. The threads where the water hose attaches were boogered up so I brought it home and chased the threads. I just bought a kit of thread chasing dies and taps recently - came in handy. I've been trying to get everything I might need to work in my home shop while I'm still drawing a paycheck, glad I thought of that one.

I also welded up a little job for Surly. TIG welded a little stainless bracket. That's me on the job in the top photo. Nothing to it. It took longer to jig it up than to weld it.

While Surly and the boys were here they helped my lift up the little potting shed so I could slide another course of bricks under it. The dirt has built up around the perimeter and is rotting the trim boards away. Now that it's up a bit higher, I can replace the trim boards and get them painted before the cold weather sets in.

Cuzzin Ricky came by Saturday afternoon with a couple of his helpers and we got the old freezer out of the basement. I had a couple of other things to throw on the trailer as well. So there's a bit of progress around the shack and just an all around great weekend of doing things.

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