Saturday, September 30, 2017

Muffler's Done

Made a little more progress on the motorbike yesterday. I got the muffler welded up and the support bracket made - looks pretty good. I put the chain on and sure enough it's about three links short. However, I was able to check the alignment of the motor and the rear wheel and it looks pretty good. There's not much clearance between the tire and the chain but if need be, I can use the threads on the axle to move the wheel over a bit off center. When I tackle the chain from the crankset to the rear wheel, I'll see then what if anything needs to be done. Chains that run through derailleurs are rarely in alignment and they last a long time. As long a run as I'm going to have from front to back, I'm sure it'll tolerate some misalignment.

The chainguard is about eight inches too short. I think I'm going to duplicate the original design with the proper length and out of aluminum. I would have liked to have gotten that done yesterday as well but I had some running to do. Picked up some scrap metal from my sister in law, went to Cabelas, the steel supply and the county park to scope it out for a training day with the boxers. Pretty full day, actually, with today being more of the same. Might get a little more done on the motorbike tomorrow.

Beautiful weather around here. Temps much more to my liking, sunshine and blue skies. Get out and enjoy yourself some of it but be careful on the roads - harvest time around here.

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