Friday, September 29, 2017

Still Nibblin' Away

The weld tester we made at the high school. My replacement got a new one, so I drug mine home finally. Might be doing some weld testing at the shack after I retire in December - going to need something for those guided bend tests.

A little more progress on the motorbike as well. I made a new head pipe and flange for the exhaust. It just so happens the diameter of the stock pipe and 3/4" thinwall conduit are real close to the same size. Next step is to whack the muffler off the stock pipe and weld it to the new head pipe. The muffler has a removable end cap to facilitate decoking, as they say in Britain, so I can make a support bracket that will mount to the frame off of the bolt holding the end cap on.

No luck from my buddy on the chain. The little Ducati motors take a #428, rather than a #415. However, there's no shortage of #415 on the internet at dirt cheap prices. I'll get that ordered in soon. In the meantime I need to hook up the chain from the crankset to the rear wheel and see about a chain guard on both sets of chain.

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