Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Vintage racers on display before the Terre Haute event - they ran them on the track also.

Cuzzin Ricky and I went to the sprint car races last weekend. Terre Haute on Friday night and Haubstadt on Saturday. Great racing as always. Those sprint and champ cars on the dirt are definitely my favorite. That was supposed to be the last event of the season for us but Terre Haute is having another race in October as a rain date for a May event. I've already got something in the works for that but I'm waiting to here back from someone else before deciding. I should probably cancel out both events and just stay home. I've still got plenty to do around here. Like drag home a farm truck.

We took the long way home to check out the truck. There was no-one around when we got there since it was Sunday, but I like it. It's pretty much just what I've been looking for. The cab is in good shape. Just a quick glance but I didn't see any rust. It's got a V-8 with a 4 speed trans and a 2 speed axle. I need to call the place and see about a few details - maybe take another run down there and see about making a deal. Then see about getting it home. Cuzzin Rick says he'll haul it for me on his car hauler. Might have to get a few measurements to make sure it'll clear the fenders on his trailer.

I don't really need another project at the present time, but the truck's what I've been wanting and the price is reasonable. I get out from under the teaching job and get back into a regular routine again and I'll be OK.


Rich in Ky said...

That truck is a beauty. Looks solid.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I checked all the usual suspects - cab corners, door wells, steps - everything looked pretty good. I could fix any of that if needed but I'd rather not. It looks like it won't fit on my cousin's trailer, however. I need to see about another method of transporting it home. If I can come up with something reasonable, I'll head back down there again and see if I can strike a deal.

Surly said...

The American Historical Truck Society (NWI chapter) will be displaying trucks at Sunset Hill Farm on Sunday. I plan on going with the family. You're welcome to come along. I sent you a link on FB. Brandi's cousin's husband is the sitting President.