Sunday, September 17, 2017

Jeep Truck

Photo From Here
Howz-a-bout this for a Jeep truck? If you got rid of the back seats, this thing would be perfect. Don't know that I need the big bead lock rims and the lift kit, but this is way cool. With a snow plow and a trailer hitch, this would be it. From what I've been able to glean from the internet, the release date of the new Jeep truck is late 2019.

Photo From Here
Something like the old Jeepster would do me fine, however. A little longer bed would be nice, but not necessarily as long as the old Commando pickup. With a rig like this I could just buy/build a small trailer for trips to the lumber yard or hauling a motorcycle around. The short wheelbase like on this one makes backing a trailer up a breeze. And the more I look at it, the more I'm liking it. Ford's supposed to be bringing back the Bronco for a similar rig but that will be an even longer wait. I'm just in love with a Jeepster.

Looking at a farm truck right now. Saw one advertised that just might make the cut. It's located a pretty good drive from the shack, but I think I'll take a run down and see about it this week.


Rich in Ky said...

Got my project "Blackie" farm truck back together, mostly. Still have to put the rear lights back together, and straighten the rear step bumper a bit before putting it back on, then will license/insure it for the road. Just using it around the farm for now, hauling t-posts, wire, and other fence material in the field. Love the long bed, the 300 six, and the manual five speed, although it's geared a little high for start/stop farm work. Everything drivetrain and chassis related from the cab on back is like new, but keeping the cab and bed's whiskey dents and faded paint as/is. Pictures are me putting the bed back on, and after bed installation.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I had a '96 with the 300 six, 5 speed and long bed. I had real good luck with it. Looks like yours has been a pretty big project if you went to the trouble to yank the bed off - especially if you were nursing a bad shoulder. Nice having a tractor to help out with that sort of work, though. Looks like you've got a nice shop to work out of as well. That helps.

Keep up the good work!

Rich in Ky said...

I didn't want to get as deep into it as I did, but given what needed to be fixed, it was actually easier to just yank the bed. Both fuel pumps bad, and a previous owner cut open the bed to access the rear pump, so that needed welded back up. And it needed shocks, and a pinion seal, and rear axle seals, and u-joints. Having the bed off gave me access without having to lay on my back and reach overhead, something my shoulder complains about. :-)