Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Cuzzin Ricky and I went to DuQuoin for the Silver Crown races again this past weekend. Great race at a great venue. 100 laps on a one mile dirt track. I saw a video of one of the cars qualifying. The telemetry said he was hitting 150 down both of the main straights! Put 34 of those out on the track at the same time and you're going to have some racing.

Photo From a Facebook Post 

Kenny Schrader raced an open wheel car as well as his modified car. He looked pretty tentative during practice and qualifying but it's been something like thirty years since he's driven on open wheel car. I figured he'd pick up the pace once he got a few laps in during the race. He may have but he kept moving backwards until he was just about last. Good to see him out there, however. Jeff Swindell led most of the race but two cars got past with only a few laps to go so he had to settle for a third place finish. Swindell is 56 and Schrader is 62 - me, I turned 67 on the day after the race, so you know I was rooting for both of the old guys.

I saw where Walter Becker of Steely Dan passed away - same age as me. That's a little too close to home. I've been listening to their music since the beginning - probably got most of their stuff on vinyl. This one has always been one of my favorites:

That's the trouble with getting old - so's everyone else you grew up with.

Looks like another big hurricane is coming towards the US. The path hasn't been forecast definitively yet but looks like Florida is in for it. With the way the weather patterns have been running, might be wise to stock up on supplies regardless where you live if you haven't already. I was checking my stuff over the other day because I want to go camping one of these days and couldn't find my camp stoves, which is really bad since I have three of the things. Surprisingly enough, I found them where I left them and I've got fuel for them, so I'm set there. I charged the battery on the welder/generator and the tractor since I don't run those very often. I don't need those for a camping trip but that's just part of the normal routine. I've got a couple of gallons of fuel for them or the lawn mower or truck as need be.

It takes a lot of water for drinking, cooking and sanitation. More so if you have pets. Same with the food. The dogs and cats are still going to want to be fed when the power goes out. Be a good idea to stock up on a little extra food for them as well. Don't forget that the credit/debit cards don't work when the power is out. Might want to keep a little cash on hand too. Fresh batteries for the flashlights and the transistor radio. I still haven't gotten my ham radio license. I've been studying the book on and off. I think they are going to change the test next year, so I need to get that done soon. I've got no idea if that will be of any real use to me during an emergency but I've wanted to do that for a long time. No reason not too other than my being a slug. But don't you be. Remember the Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared.

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