Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Type 304

Lousy picture taken with my old flip phone but six pieces of 1-1/2" square tube capped off on one end with 3/16 flat, other end capped off with 16 gauge sheet. Everything 304 stainless joined with the TIG process. Job for the lab tech in the Weld Shop at the college. They're going to miss me when I'm gone.

Pretty hot yesterday again. Up over 90 for another record. That's six days in a row. I didn't notice it being too hot in the shop at school but everyone in the evening class blew out early. It definitely is hot if you have to be out in the sun. Fortunately, the temps have been at least below 98. Once the ambient temp gets to your body temperature or above, it just becomes brutal after that. Dangerous if you're required to do anything at all physical in nature. Or even if you're doing nothing as was the case in Chicago in 1995. There were over 700 deaths attributed to the heat with temperatures well above 100 degrees for about a week. Many of the deaths were the elderly who didn't have AC and were afraid to open their windows or sleep outside due to a fear of becoming a crime victim. Unfortunate, but probably a well founded fear.

In spite of the heat, I managed to get a few more things done around the shack and nibbled away at the motorbike project - that's the lower motor mount in the photo. I picked up some chain for the bicycle cranks. It's a long way back so I bought two chains to link together. It appears the motor is going to be in the way of the chain, so I'll use the tensioner that came with the kit to run the chain from the crankset under the motor and use it to actually set the tension. The chain tension on the motor side can be set by sliding the rear wheel back in the dropouts. Looks like the chain that came with the kit is going to be a couple of links short. I think it's a #415. That might be the same as what the old Ducati singles ran, in which case I might be able to get a short chunk from my buddy. 

Supposed to cool down starting today. That'll make things a bit more pleasant but I'm pretty happy with what I'm getting done regardless.

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