Monday, September 4, 2017

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to all you working stiffs out there - especially those who have to work today. Let's hope it's double time at least! Saw a piece the other day that said the average working man pays more in taxes than what food and shelter costs him, or her, as the case may be. Definitely something wrong there.

Cleaning out the basement - going to give the triceps' bar away. I made this thing years ago. Actually used it too! We used to make all kinds of exercise equipment at the first school corporation I worked for. I do most of my workouts at the boxing gym now. If I do anything at home it's with exercise bands, dumbbells or body weight. 

I posted a short time back about maybe buying a mustache bar for the city bike. The machining instructor at the college had this bar and stem he said I could have. While not a mustache bar per se, it's a nice aluminum bar and stem set that are a little lighter and much nicer than what were on the bike - thanks Don!

I had to sacrifice the handgrips to put the new bars on. He had put a comment on the blog but I think it was after I re-glued the grips back on. At least I know the glue works well. I got the last grips from Rivendell but they don't carry that particular kind any more. The new style grips are a few bucks more, which is OK, but I'm not so sure I'd like the style. I was pretty happy with the ones I had. Those are still available from several sources, so I'll probably just order a pair like what I had on the bike. Should be all set after that. I also silver soldered the bracket for the reflector back on.

When I put the new tires on the touring bike I noticed the spokes on the back wheel could use some attention. I think I'm going to start riding the city bike more around here and work on getting the touring bike up to snuff. I'm hoping to take another trip next summer. I should take everything apart on the touring bike and get it lubed, true the wheels and put a new chain on it so I'll be ready to go if the opportunity arises. I fixed up the trailer a year or so ago with a new back wheel, fender and light, so it's ready to go. I even bought a guide book for the trail I want to do. I've talked to my buddy I did several other trips with about it. When I finish reading the guide book, I'll drop it off with him and see if we can put something together.


Surly said...

I have a mustache bar I'm no longer using. If you ever want to try it, let me know.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Next time we get together, I'll check them out. I ordered new grips but I'll wait to put them on until after I check out the bar.