Saturday, September 9, 2017

Project Box

Box of small projects to do - of course these aren't for me. A couple of them for school and one for my buddy. Nothing too tough or time consuming. I'll have them knocked out by Monday.

Traveler for measuring out a 300 meter long track. We're going to put the boxers that are going to compete through the police department physical fitness test to establish a baseline fitness level. Quite a few of the fighters are obviously not in condition when they get in the ring. We'll be tracking fitness level and weight. Hopefully, this will help.

Figuring out how many revolutions the wheel needs to travel would have been a good math problem to throw out to the boys when I was teaching high school. Several ways to approach the problem. I could have measured the radius while the wheel was upright, doubled it, multiplied it by pi and got a fairly accurate circumference. Instead, I rolled it out five revolutions and then divided by five to get the circumference. I figured doing it that way would be a little more accurate than just rolling it out one revolution. I would have gone ten revolutions but I don't have any concrete at the house long enough for that. One revolution worked out to 84.84". Pretty straight forward after that to convert to meters and divide out. Ends up that 139 revolutions equals 300 meters. Feel free to check my arithmetic.

Here's the group from the boxing club taken earlier in the week. One of the biggest crowds we've had in a while. Some new faces and some old faces and some "new" old faces. No doubt they're tough. We'll find out today if they're in any kind of shape.

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