Friday, September 22, 2017


The kit for putting together the chopper motorbike came in. Cute little thing. With the oddball frame design looks like I'm going to have to modify the exhaust pipe/muffler to keep it from dragging the ground and I need to figure out a lower motor mount. Also the throttle cable doesn't have much room on the top frame tube. I think I can just drill a hole in the tube and then weld a short piece of smaller tube in the frame to create a tunnel for the cable to run through. There's some extra parts to solve the motor mount issue that came with the kit. I don't know if I can use any of that - I haven't gotten too far into the project yet. Mostly all I've done is what you see in the photo and looked through the instruction manual.

We've had record setting heat here. 94 degrees yesterday according to the official Chicago temp. I looked at my thermometer at 4:00 in the afternoon and it was 93.9. So it was definitely hot. I was out running errands earlier in the day and noticed the gloves on the front seat of the car. I needed them about two weeks ago because it was in the 40's when I left for work in the morning. This global weirding keeps getting more and more interesting. Supposed to be hot for a few more days. About the time I get used to the hot temps again, it'll cool off. Regardless, I'm planning on forging ahead on the motorbike job. I bought the kit to finish the bike, not to prolong the project.

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