Monday, September 25, 2017

Coming To Life

Looking like a motorbike now. Still have a ways to go but made decent progress yesterday. The muffler is going to be the biggest stumbling block. I'm thinking as long as I'm going to have to chop it up, maybe start from scratch and make an expansion chamber. I still need to make a bottom motor mount but I've got that figured out already. I needed to cut the grass and I'd been out in the shop long enough that I figured I was at a good place to quit so I'll knock out the motor mount next time. The kit came with a chain guard but it's too short, so I need to fab up a new one of those or add a piece to one end of it. I think I've got a kickstand around here, have to go through the tub with the bike parts and see if I can find it. If not, maybe make one of those that swings down under the rear tire and holds the bike straight up. Or not.

Pretty happy with the progress. If I was putting the motor on a regular bike frame I'd be done by now. The kit is pretty easy to put together, it's just not designed for an oddball frame like what I've got. Nevertheless,  I'm having a good time working on it. Even with the record heat. Actually, it wasn't too uncomfortable working in the shop. The weatherman last evening said that Sunday's heat broke the record from way back in 1891 - the first year they started keeping records in Chicago. Supposed to be hot for another couple of days then get back to normal.

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