Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Little Something

I got a good start on the wiring for the Sportster. I had ordered in a new terminal block previously so I swapped out the wires from the old block to the new one. However, as you can see in the photo, there are still some wires hanging loose, some with terminal connections, some that have just been hacked off. I drug out my old continuity tester thinking that all I would have to do would be install a couple of fresh batteries and I'd be off and running. No such luck. Not only does it need batteries but it also needs a bulb. Basically it's one step short of me just chucking it and buying a new one unless I can locate a light bulb easily enough. I have a VOM I could use but the little tester is a whole lot more convenient.

From the "even though I don't need it now but it would be easy enough to finish" department, I decided to swap out the wheel on my bicycle trailer. The new wheel is about 1/2" wider than the old so I made up a couple of spacers, welded those to new slotted plates and next up I'll weld those to the old axle plates after I cut off the part with the slots.

You can see the new axle plates in the foreground. I still need to trim the old plates and then I can weld on the new plates and call it good. I don't have any 308 TIG filler rod at the house. I just melted the spacer to the new slotted plate but I'll need some filler to finish the job - won't take much. Probably some short pieces laying around the shop at the college. I need to add that to my list of needed welding supplies and make a trip to the distributor one of these days.

Even though I'm probably through taking any more long distance cycling trips, the new trailer wheel is much nicer than the one it's replacing. The old one was off a cheap department store kiddie bike. This one has a Shimano hub and a good aluminum rim as well as more spokes. I do take the bike to the store or the gas station to get gas for the mower, etc. Be nice to have one more project finished and I can toss out the old wheel. One less thing laying around.

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