Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bike Trailer

The little blinky light the Missus ordered for me came in yesterday. It's perfect for my application. Seems to be well made. Machined from aluminum, O-ring seal to keep the water out, continuous, fast or slow flashing modes. Only a couple of bucks, free shipping and it got here within a few days. Within minutes of opening up the package I was out in the shop finishing up the project - a little metal work on the fender, cut off a couple of screws, polished up the copper fender stays, painted the fender and a quick re-paint on the rest of the trailer. Looks good. Done deal! 

I'll be back on the Sportster now and the black and orange Sprint as my in between project. Neither one of those need much to finish up. I did order a couple more things for the Sportster. They should be in either today or Monday. 

Have a good weekend.


Traveling Pirate said...

Are you headed out on another bike trip?

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I'm just tying up loose ends. Depending on what we hear from the doctor in a couple of weeks, I'd like to do another one. Planning on doing a ride in September:

Let me know if you want to ride with us. I think we're going to do the 31 miler.