Saturday, July 18, 2015

Honey, I Shrunk the Fender

As I mentioned a couple of posts back, I want to put a fender on my bicycle trailer. Just so happens I had an old fender laying around from the donor bike I chopped up to make the recumbent, the only problem being the radius was larger than that needed for the small wheel on the trailer. I shrunk the sides a bit and it walked right in to the proper radius. I need to make up some brackets to fasten it to the trailer but that shouldn't be much of a chore. I'll see about getting a light for it as well now that I'm putting on a fender.

I had to take this cabinet down to put up the shelving unit for the bike parts in the shop. It contained my assortment of nails and "Pop" Rivets so I moved it and the nails out to the new barn with the woodworking stuff. The rivets will remain in the shop with metal working stuff. Slowly getting things moved out and cleaned up in the back of the shop so I can get a floor in there. Of course now it's in the 90's with humidity to match. That makes it tough on an old guy. Actually, the real problem is that it hasn't been hot. It usually takes me a week or two to get acclimated to the heat and then I'm good. Tom Skilling on WGN the other day said the heat and humidity combination is about like what you'd encounter in the Brazilian rain forest. I didn't really need to hear that. They're calling for a heat index of 105 today.

The wife finished up her last chemo treatment this past week, which means I've got a couple of days yet before she starts suffering too seriously from the side effects, that is if past performance is any measure of what the future will bring. She's scheduled for a PET scan on my birthday, so you know when I blow out the candles what I'll be wishing for this year.

I'm going to try and get the front brake taken care of on the Sportster in the next few days but that will be determined by the wife's health and the weather. Every nice day is spent mowing and trying to keep the weeds in check. I need to figure out what I'm going to make for my "veranda" off the south end of the new barn. I want to get some concrete piers poured when I do the shop floor. It won't take much to build the veranda/porch. It's only going to be 4' x 8' or something close to that. Maybe 5' x 10'. That's what I need to determine then I can locate the spots and dig the holes for the Sonotubes. I really need to get the concrete done this year.

Enjoy the weekend regardless of what the weather brings.

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