Friday, July 10, 2015

One Step Closer

This went by the shack the other day. Nice to see something other than a coal drag going to the power plant.

I finished the bicycle trailer. It could use a fresh coat of paint and either a reflector or a taillight  - a fender too for that matter. Maybe scrounge around in the junk pile and see what I've got or  maybe just hang it back up in the barn and call it done. Everything is either stainless or Inconel so it won't rust. Not like I'm going to be using it much.

Made some good progress on the Sportster the last few days. I found a bulb for my tester, so I got to work on chasing wires down. I need to pick up some wire so I can have everything the proper color as shown in the wiring diagram. There aren't any indicator lights for the generator or oil pressure but I've got a couple left over from the 900 project when it was up and running with the sidecar. I'm going to make a little plate to drop in the headlight cover and then put the ones in the photo in. I'm contemplating an engine turned plate to match the one I made for  the ignition switch. Probably more trouble than it's worth but that never held me back before. 

I'm going to be busy for a week or so coming up, so Sporster time is going to be at a premium. The Missus has a doctor visit, lab tests, chemo treatments, and I've got a few things of my own going on. At least there's not much left on the bike until it's all assembled. Need to start hoppin' up and down with my right leg so I'll be able to start the beast.

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