Monday, July 27, 2015

Tail Lights & Twilight

Tail Light

Tail Light


When I ordered the tail light for the trailer, I ordered another one to put on my bicycle. The bracket was already there but I had managed to knock the light off some place along the line. All I had to do to put the new one on was unbolt the bracket, drill a hole and bolt everything back on. It's small, bright and out of the way. It should last for a while.

The middle photo is a tail light and license plate bracket for the black & orange Sprint. I already had the bracket but I scabbed the light off the Sprint and put it on the 900 when I was making the fender and ducktail for it. I ordered a couple of things for the Sportster so I threw in a light while I was at it. One step closer on that one.

Obviously the order of bike parts came in, so in addition to bolting up the tail light on the Sprint, I put the wire wrap on the Sportster oil pressure sending unit wire and the wire from the coil to the points. I ordered the parts from J&P but the wire wrap package was marked Kuryakan. It's a bit salty but it looks much nicer than the corrugated plastic stuff that looks like scaled down drain pipe. Three 16 gauge wires will fit nicely in the 1/4" size, by the way. I still need to work on the front brake but that's just about all that's left. 

I pulled a wheel off my old Plymouth hot rod project yesterday. It's been slowly sinking into the dirt, so I was going to air up the tires and move it out of the ruts. Worked OK on three out of four tires but on one of them the valve stem gave up the ghost. I'll take it to the tire shop and get that fixed. I don't plan on tackling that project any time soon but if I don't get it up in the air a bit the whole bottom is going to rust away. This is one I should just get all the parts bolted back on and then find it a new home. 

The last photo is just a shot of the sky the other evening. We've had some crazy weather this year. I mowed the front yard Saturday before it rained. No rain yesterday but it looked like it was fixin' to more than once. Looking at high 80's, low 90's for the upcoming week with some rain thrown in there mid-week. That's pretty much typical for this time of year, though. Probably will be just enough rain to keep the grass growing. 

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