Monday, July 20, 2015

More Fender

I'm still trying my darnedest to get some things finished and the shop cleaned up. Since I had the fender for the bike trailer and I was able to shape it to the right radius (almost), I figured I might as well bead blast it before I move the blast cabinet out. And since it's blasted, I might as well make the mounting brackets. I got started on that when a buddy of mine showed up with a couple of welding jobs for me to do. I hadn't seen the dude in quite some time, so by the time we got done jaw boning and he took off that was it for the day, so no brackets yet. I found a little tail light on E-Bay that looks like a good fit for the project. The "buy it now" price is dirt cheap, so I'll have my CFO take care of that for me.

This is the start on the brake pedal for the orange & black Sprint I posted about the end of June. Actually, I made the pieces quite awhile ago but going back to the 15 projects with wheels and having only 15 years to complete them in, it won't take much to finish this bike, so I decided let's get it in the rotation and do just that. I did get the threaded insert installed on the Sportster shifter lever before I tacked the pieces together for the Sprint brake lever. Didn't get a chance to work on the front brake. However, I did get some more stuff moved out of the back of the shop and did a bit of general organizing.

So in addition to my own projects, I've got a couple more to work on for my buddy. One is a pretty straight forward TIG welding job, the other is going to be a bit trickier. I have to replace a piece on the rear fender on his Triumph TR3. I fixed the lower edge of one of the doors about a year and a half ago. Type in TR3 in the search box and it'll come up. I'll post some before and after photos with the fender as the job progresses.

Have a good week. I'll keep pluggin' away.

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