Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dirt Version

Photo From Here
My idea of an ADV bike. Apparently, someone else's idea as well.

Photo From Here
#9? Must be Nixon.

Photo From Here
Always an option if we ever get back to the BSA.

The current issue of Motorcyclist has an article about riding the Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route. While I still don't see the attraction of those huge ADV bikes, I definitely felt the attraction of riding around the back roads of Idaho or one of the other similar trails. I've ridden a little bit of Idaho on my bicycle and I'd love to go back out there. The website has a link to put you in touch with a couple of outfits that rent bikes. A Kawasaki KLR 650 would be just the ticket for a week in rural Idaho or Colorado. Some hardbags would be nice but I could strap most everything on the back if I had to. Add a tank bag and I'd be set to go. I've learned how to pack light from the bicycle and hiking trips I've done over the years. If brother Johnny was still around, we'd do a trip together. We both rode motorcycles since we were kids but we never really rode together. Damn shame we missed that opportunity.

Last week of summer school, then a three week vacation.  Should be able to get some more forward progress made during that time on both bike projects and things around the shack. The wife is still suffering some blow-back from the chemo - not so much sick, just no giddy-up - so I'm still doing all the household chores around the shack. Hopefully that will start easing up and she can get up and around a bit more. She's going crazy laying around the house. It'd be nice if we could get away for a couple of days before the fall semester starts. Be even nicer when we can put this all behind us.

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