Friday, July 17, 2015

Carnival Ride

I did some running around the other day and had a chance to stop by my buddy's house with the Camaro. This is the same guy who had the '50 Plymouth in the last post, by the way. He's got the car all dialed in now so he took me for a little ride. Just can't beat the torque from a big block Chevy being fed through a Muncie 4 speed! The car's got a mean rumble at idle and starts to smooth out at about 2400rpm. He says the cross ram starts working properly about 2600. Even though we headed out to the "country", there was still a lot of traffic so he couldn't open it up much, but even short shifting it, it would pin you back in the seat. The rear tires are rather tall so he's going to drop the gearing from a 3.73 to a 3.90. Not much difference but it'll give him a few more rpm's to keep the motor "on the pipe" without having it spinning too fast at highway speeds.

This is one sweet Camaro. Everything about the car is first rate. Big time fun.

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