Friday, July 24, 2015

Mower Manure

As fast as the grass has been growing I thought I'd put on the set of newly sharpened spare blades and clean the underside of the deck. As you can see from the photo, probably a good thing I did. The middle of the pile is about 8" high - about 4 scoop shovel fulls. Smelled like a cow barn. Some sweet like silage and some not so sweet. Mowing has become the top priority around here. I can't fall behind or I'll be in big trouble. There's no way I'm going to rake everything I have to mow, so if it's not raining, you can pretty much figure I'm mowing. And swatting mosquitoes. The hot weather must have hatched out another batch. Definitely don't want to be outside in the gloaming.

The bicycle trailer is just about finished. I made the brackets and got those drilled, tapped and welded on to the trailer frame. The brace in the back is made from copper tubing. There's a bracket sticking up off the top of the fender that was used as a mounting tab when it was on the bicycle. I've got a light coming that should bolt right on there. I might have to make a couple of little sheet metal gussets to strengthen it a bit - cross that bridge when the light shows up. I also put a little up sweep on the trailing edge of the fender. A little hot rod touch. It still needs just a bit more metal work but I'll take care of that prior to paint.

They called me in to work an extra day in the lab this week to help assemble some tables. Only worked about an hour and then the next day when I went in on my regular schedule there wasn't anything to do. Didn't make much sense but I know better than to question what goes on in schools anymore. While I was up that way I ran some errands and hit the Mazda dealer to check out a Miata. The salesman said they'll be getting a 2016 in the 2nd or 3rd week of August. I made my last health insurance premium this week, so maybe I'll buy me that sports car after all. I also had to take the Missus to the doctor one day and had to pay the pre-buy on the winter's propane supply. So first we headed 25 miles north of home and then we headed south 50 miles and then back north 25 miles to get back where we started from. It's no wonder I haven't been getting anything done. That's OK, though. Better days are coming.

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