Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Let There Be Light

The Sportster has lights - and they all work! Headlight, taillight, brake light, high beam indicator, generator & oil pressure.

The horn button wasn't the best however. The dealer had one at the rather princely sum of $15.00 with tax but it was in stock, I didn't have to order it in or pay shipping. Done deal. 

The bike has spark, the point gap is set and the timing should be close enough to get it running. I need to check if I have or pick up some of the corrugated plastic tubing with the split seam to finalize the wiring and then I should be able to bolt on the tank and seat. I should probably wait before installing the tank to make sure I don't get brake fluid on it when getting the front brake dialed in. 

I started moving things out of the back of the shop so I can get my concrete poured. Like the projects, I'll try to get a little something done every day. I'm going to be needing some muscle for some of the heavy lifting but I'll get what I can. It shouldn't take too long to get the rest of it moved once I line up some help.

Saw this '50 Plymouth Special Deluxe at the tractor show Sunday. My brother from a different mother had a '50 so I sent him an e-mail with the pic.

He sent me back this one. His "1950 GTX." The photo was taken in '75 shortly after I painted it for him in his one car garage. Just had a little box fan in the back window and the big door opened up about six inches. I was wearing a good respirator but I wouldn't do that again. The acrylic enamel paint held up well. I put a good coat of primer/sealer on over his body work. He drove the hell out of that thing. He used to carry an extra 12V battery with him in the winter time. Never failed to start. I converted my old '50 Chevy pickup to 12 volts. With 12 volts running through the 6 volt starter and a hand choke, it was the same way. Never failed to start. I always carried a can of ether around just in case, though. Good times.

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