Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sprint Report - 4

OK, this is the last of them. This one was buried in the back of the shop in the "elephant graveyard" of forgotten motorcycle projects. '68 250 SS model that was being worked on at about the same time I was racing. I pulled the head and barrel off it and got the valves ground. It's running a higher compression piston but don't really know about anything else - never got that far. I did paint the tank and fenders when I was painting my 350.

Surly came down with a belated Father's Day gift a few days ago and helped organize and clean up some things. I had to go to work so we didn't get a chance to chat much but we did discuss the Sprint situation a bit. No real conclusions drawn but something is always better than nothing. Especially with a couple of mopes with ADD - you make plans but move on to something else as soon as you leave the room. However, he got quite a bit accomplished and now we can see what we've got and I don't have to be around for him to find things. Thanks. I appreciate you giving up a vacation day.

The "invisible" barn cat. The Missus got us a couple of cats a year or so ago. I kept them in the new barn for a couple of weeks and then I opened up the big door so they could go outside if they wanted to. The thinking was they would stay around because that's where the food and water were. The one walked outside and looked around a bit and then bolted like it was a jail break. I saw him around the neighborhood a few times but he never came back home. The other one decided this place is the greatest thing going, especially since I've got it all to myself now. I never saw the cat but the food was getting eaten, the litter box was being used and no sign of mice. OK, I can live with that. When I drug the 350 out the other day to get a couple of photos of it I saw the cat for the first time since its arrival. It managed to get up on the top shelf and I was able to get the photo. Now at least I've got a photo to show the grand kids what the cat looks like.

With the crazy weather we're having, somethings are going great guns and others are suffering from too much water and the cooler temperatures. The lilies are doing well, as you can see. The animal population seems to be booming. There are rabbits all over my property, I've seen a lot of deer around and on the way home from work last week I saw what looked like 5 coyote pups run across the road in front of me. I picked goose berries yesterday and the red raspberries are coming in. The weeds, of course, are booming as well.

Other than mowing grass and some other yard work, I don't have much of anything else planned for the next couple of days so I should be able to get something done on the Sportster. We've got another week before the last chemo treatment. Typically, the week before treatment she isn't bothered much by the side effects, so I hope to get a few of my own things done. I was going to do a 5K this morning but I did one a week ago and since the weather's nice I think I'll just try and get out on my bike a little bit sometime.

Enjoy the holiday. Be safe. Don't burn the hot dogs.

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