Monday, July 6, 2015

Purple Cucumber

Surly and the grandsons came down yesterday for both a visit and to borrow my pick-up. The older of the two boys decided he wanted to try out the recumbent bicycle so we gave it a quick rinse, aired up the tires and off he went riding circles around the new barn. The bike is purple and the recumbent name quickly became cucumber, hence the title of the post.

I put some time in with the Mini-Dragon weed slayer both Saturday and Sunday. It uses 1lb propane cans to burn up the weeds. That was the first time I gave it a good workout, so I'll have to wait a few days to see how the weeds react to getting scorched. I hate using all those chemicals around the house with our water table being as high as it is and the fact that we have a well. It's bad enough with all the farm chemicals in use around me. No sense in adding more carcinogens to the water table. The propane cans seem to last quite a while. They were on sale at Menards last week 2 for $5.00. Cheap enough I suppose to keep the weeds under control. 

I read in the paper yesterday it was the wettest June on record here in Indiana. The average rainfall for the whole state was a little over nine inches. However, the next town south of me reported over eighteen inches for the month. The normal average is about four. It's no wonder we've got weeds and mosquitoes. 

In addition to cutting grass, killing weeds and visiting with the boys, I did manage to get a little something done on the Sportster. I buttoned up the countershaft sprocket, cover, kickstarter lever and spring, and tightened up the exhaust pipes. Not much but my goal now is a little something every day.

Just a shot to show off the new plug wires and to highlight the mess of wires above the battery box. That's going to be the next step. Wiring's not exactly my most favorite thing but it's already the second week of July. This baby needs to get finished. 

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