Monday, July 13, 2015

Cuzzin Ricky and I went to a farm/equipment show yesterday featuring old timie stuff.

My older brother started farming when he was in high school, gradually buying up equipment and expanding his operation. He had one of each of these: Allis WD45 Diesel and a C model. I got to run both of them and did some cultivating. As you can probably guess from the posts I've put up over the years, I'm a big fan of all things mechanical and old tractors are right there in the sweet spot. 

Don't recall ever seeing a black Farmall before. Definitely have never seen a pink one.

And if you've got old tractors, old trucks are always somewhere close by. This Brockway is a real jewel. This is the kind of rig I need around here for the one time a year I need to haul something around - make a good parade rig to haul the grandson'e around in.

A small crawler tractor would actually be somewhat useful around here. With a blade on the front I could maintain the lane and push snow in the winter. I've sworn to myself I won't bring anything else home with wheels underneath it but there might be a loophole for something with crawler tracks.

This is something I definitely don't need. These pickers are the ones that used to take the farmer's arms off at about the elbow. If I was going to try and subsist on my meager acreage, I'd be better off just picking the ear corn by hand, storing it in a crib and then getting a sheller and a grain mill. Surprisingly enough, two people can pick a lot of corn in one day. 

They had a nice selection of old cars at the show as well. The top photo is a hot rodded up Blue Flame six from a '47 Chevy. I had a '48 once upon a time. Same motor. In fact, they made the same motor until '62. The bottom is the engine compartment of a '64 Corvair Spyder. 150 horsepower with the turbo. We had a couple of these in the family. The Missus also had one when we were dating. I managed to wreck my older brother's Monza. Got into a corner too hot and the rear wheel tucked under and pogo sticked me into a ditch and fence. Came home with a little souvenir barb wire hanging from the bumper.  Tom McCahill did the same thing during a road test. Put me in good company but didn't make my brother any less mad. "Unsafe at any speed." Maybe. 


Surly said...

The Grandson's have already ridden around in that Brockway! That truck belongs to Mrs. Surly's uncle. If you ever want to take a ride in it let me know. He also has a pond with bluegills in it and he doesn't fish.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

That's quite the coincidence! I'll bet the boys really enjoyed that. I'd like to go for a ride sometime & go fishing. I haven't been fishing since I retired. Something wrong there.

Abigail said...

Quite impressive, aren’t they? I agree with you, though, that some of these machines can be dangerous when not handled properly. Well, I guess you’ve made the right call to take those machines out of your list. With your knowledge of tractors, you can definitely pick the right one for your farm.