Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Photo From Here

You don't see too many rail bike photos on the photo blogs but I ran across this one and then, coincidentally, decided to check for comments on my previous posts. Glad I checked because there was one from a former student that I hadn't heard from in a while. 

This is a picture of his Fairmont Speeder that he brought over to the high school to work on about five years ago. He mentioned in his comment that he has it running but not completely done yet. In spite of the fact that he has since finished college, gotten married, bought a house and all that, I'm kind of surprised it's not done - the boy's a human dynamo. He's also got an old car he's working on and he bought an old South Bend lathe he's refurbished. He works for a short line railroad so he'll be able to run his speeder on the tracks and since he owes me a ride, when he gets it done I'll throw my rail bike in the back of the truck and we can go railroading one of these days. That'll give me some incentive to put the finishing touches on the rail bike. Maybe just leave it with him. That'll be one less thing to trip over. Would be cool to load up the camping gear and go for a little adventure like the top photo, however.

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